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From set to set I have been blessed to have met and worked with some of the greatest, kindest folks in the industry. There is a vast list of people who welcomed me and embraced me as I worked with them. I learned from them. Gleaned from them and appreciated everything they poured into my life.


Not to mention the honor and privilege to work with legends & icons who have inspired me to pursue this craft. Some of the LEGENDS/ICONS that I had the pleasure of working with are RITA MORENO, LILY TOMLIN, JANE FONDA, RICHARD JENKINS, PATRICIA HEATON, KYLE MACLACHLAN, TONY PLANA, JOHN LARROQUETTE, GENIE FRANCIS just to name a few.


I was blown away when I got to walk arm-in-arm with RITA MORENO, the original Anita from West Side Story... WOW!!!! We talked about a host of things. Her elegance and grace were beyond my imagination. I was on cloud nine the rest of that year. LOL.

I received the warmest handshake and hugs from LILY TOMLIN and JANE FONDA when I had the opportunity to work with them. I learned so much by just watching them in action.

I had lunch with PATRICIA HEATON while we filmed her show. She was so kind, friendly, and gracious. I felt like family that whole week.


I can literally say the same for EVERY PERSON I have worked with. Great conversations. Lots of laughter. Open arms to embrace each other. THANK YOU, LORD, for allowing me to work with so many brilliant, wonderful, amazing folks on both sides of the camera.


More pictures and stories to come.

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